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Office of Financial Management

Government Accounts Branch

Provides accounting services for both intramural and extramural programs of the NIH; supporting all grant accounting needs, including financial reporting


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About the Government Accounts Branch

The Government Accounts Branch (GAB) provides accounting services for both intramural and extramural programs of the NIH; supporting all grant accounting needs, including financial reporting, interface with the Payment Management System (PMS) and Center for Scientific Review systems (CSR). 

The GAB monitors and processes Scientific and Evaluation Awards, and reconciles data between IMPAC and PMS systems, reviews and interprets new and amended regulatory issuance by the Treasury, OMB, and other agencies, and collaborates and coordinates all activities with other OFM components, such as the General Ledger and CFO Branch.

Overview of the OFM Royalties Process

The NIH receives royalty income based on licensing agreements with outside organizations. For each license there exists a Royalty Distribution Form (RDF) which a licensing specialist in the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) and a ranking member of the IC or ICs involved must sign. The RDF details the proper split of funds between inventors and between organizations. The OFM Royalty Coordinator uses the OFM roMANsys application to record the details from the RDF, keep track of inventor contact and banking information, and record receipt of royalty income. Once the Royalty Coordinator collects all the income information for a particular month and properly records it, the application calculates the proper distribution of funds and generates a report. The coordinator uses this report to request an allotment of royalty funds.

Royalty payments are issued bi-annually with the first payout in June for the months of October to March of that Fiscal year and second payout in October for the period of April to September of that Fiscal year.  The roMANsys application generates a report for the payment of royalty funds to inventors. The application also generates payment files and sends them to Treasury and to NBS for recording of obligations and disbursements for the payouts.  The Royalty Coordinator may use the application to make manual payments to inventors to distribute cash awards given to them by the ICs. This is done on an as requested basis.

Tax forms are generated and sent to the inventors before January 31st and reported to the IRS.



Contact Us

Government Accounts Branch
Karen Beckley, Branch Chief

National Institutes of Health,
Office of Financial Management
2115 East Jefferson Street
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: (301) 402-5130

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