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Financial Operations

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the Financial Operations Division

The Financial Operations Division is responsible for actions, such as debt collection, payments to vendors, vendor maintenance, cashier services, payments to fellows, Travel and relocation payments for employees, Commissioned officers and non-NIH affiliates, payments to Scientific Reviewers, Royalty payments, 1099 Tax reporting, inter-governmental payments / collections and grant FFR report processing. There are two operational branches under this division: Commercial Accounts Branch (CAB) and Government Accounting Branch (GAB). 

Commercial Accounts Branch

The Commercial Accounts Branch (CAB) is responsible for processing, reconciling, and disbursing vendor payments as a result of procurements made by all ICs.  These payments include, but are not limited to the US Bank purchase card, purchase orders, records of call, Research and Development Contracts, Construction Contracts, Leases, Utilities, Interpersonal Agreements, EEO Settlements, and Training Orders.  The CAB serves as the liaison between the U.S. Treasury, vendors, and ICs and is responsible for researching, analyzing, and resolving vendor claims of non-payment.  As a result of inaccurate account or remittance information, check, ACH tracers, and re-issue payments are also cleared and returned to the Treasury by the CAB.

Government Accounts Branch

The Government Accounts Branch (GAB) provides accounting services for both intramural and extramural programs of the NIH; supporting all grant accounting needs, including financial reporting, interface with the Payment Management System (PMS) and Center for Scientific Review systems (CSR).  The GAB monitors and processes Scientific and Evaluation Awards, and reconciles data between IMPAC and PMS systems, reviews and interprets new and amended regulatory issuance by the Treasury, OMB, and other agences, and collaborates and coordinates all activities with other OFM components, such as the General Ledger and CFO Branch.

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Financial Operations Division
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