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Vendor Maintenance

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​​​​​​​​About Vendor Maintenance

The Vendor Maintenance team is responsible for maintaining the NIH Supplier Table in NBS as well as set up Federal Supplier/Customer records through requests submitted by the ICs.  The Supplier table is made up of header records for each Tax ID or SSN as they relate to employees, vendors, grantees, Fellows, Non affiliate travelers and Federal Trading Partners.  Each header record is then followed by site records that contain DUNs, Address and Banking information if applicable.  All Commercial Vendors are required to register in with a valid Tax ID and DUNs along with banking information.  This information is brought in from nightly and loaded to the NBS Supplier table and is used when payments are issued by Commercial Accounts.  Manual vendor requests are currently entered directly through the Vendor requestor role in NBS by the ICs and the Vendor Maintenance team reviews and approves the vendor requests as well as ACH banking information if applicable.  Payments for the manual vendor requests are issued by the Fellowship Office, Travel Office, and Grants/PMS as well as through IPAC payments and collections with Federal Trading Partners.

Vendors and Grantees may require legal name changes, TIN changes, and a merge between companies or Successor In Interest actions.  IC Contracting Officers, Buyers and Grants Management Specialist must submit a vendor maintenance case through the OFM Share point site called VMTS (Vendor Maintenance Tracking System).  This system allows OFM to track and approve such requests internally providing a historical record keeping for audit purposes. GMTS (Grants Maintenance Tracking System) is available under the VMTS site. 

Cases are assigned by the type of change request being made and are processed by the Vendor Maintenance team within 1 to 3 business days, providing all required documentation is provided to support the changes. 

User training called UPK is available on the VMTS which allows all users to take the training as needed and at their own pace and a recorded Webex training along with a User Guide is available for GMTS.  A check list is provided for both VMTS and GMTS which guides ICs on what documentation to obtain from the vendors and grantees for name/TIN changes, vendor merges, and Successor In Interest (SII) actions.

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