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Office of Financial Management

Travel Policy Branch

Administers oversight of NIH travel policies and procedures, provides daily travel processing and customer service advice.


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About the Travel Policy Branch

The Travel Policy Branch develops policy and instructions for use across NIH, administers oversight of policies and procedures, and provides travel processing advice.


Non-NIH Hosted Conference Travel Submission Schedule
July 2016-December 2017



  JULY 1, 2016October 2016 January 2017
  AUGUST 1, 2016November 2016February 2017
  SEPTEMBER 1, 2016December 2016March 2017
  OCTOBER 3, 2016January 2017April 2017
  NOVEMBER 1, 2016February 2017May 2017
  DECEMBER 1, 2016March 2017June 2017
  JANUARY 2, 2017April 2017July 2017
  FEBRUARY 1, 2017May 2017August 2017
  MARCH 1, 2017June 2017September 2017
  APRIL 3, 2017July 2017October 2017
  MAY 1, 2017August 2017November 2017
  JUNE 1, 2017September 2017December 2017

External Travel Links

For travel card do's and don'ts, proper use of travel card, traveler agreements, and additional FAQs, visit the HHS Travel Policy Website.

Internal Travel Links

 NIH Relocation Procedures


Contact Us

Travel Policy Branch
Barry Koitz, Branch Chief

National Institutes of Health,
Office of Financial Management
2115 East Jefferson Street
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: (301) 435-3051

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